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The Guardian Series
Awakened: Book One
 (working title)
working on edits

Finding out she has power's is bad enough, but when Emma Hunter has to leave her home and move across country to her Aunt's she thinks it can't get much worse. Until, two guys almost kill her in the airport. Now, with more and more Guardians winding up dead and the war impending, Emma will do whatever she needs to, to make sure she can master her powers and protect the people she loves. Even if that means sacrificing herself.

The Princess And The Thief
Collabrative Project with Kelly Lynn

Alysandra wants true love. A love she knows she'll find with Channing, one of her best friends since the age of Disney movies. The problem is Channing is head over heels for Raelyn. Aly knows if she's given another chance with Channing, without Rae around, Channing will realize a relationship with her is happy ever after.
Aly's told by an old woman that a potion sprinkled on the crown of the Prom King - none other than Channing himself - is just what she needs to find true love. When the crown is placed on his head, Channing and Aly are flitted away to Aly's fantasy world.

Okay, so Aly's "fantasy world" is called Kansas and someone is trying to steal diamonds from her castle, claiming they belong to seven brothers. But she is the Princess and is betrothed to none other than Knight Channing. Happily ever after is in the cards after all. Until Aly discovers the mysterious diamond-stealer is none other than Rae herself.
Aly must discover why Rae is in her fantasy world and why Channing is drawn to her, even though he doesn’t remember Rae from their contemporary world. She isn’t naive to think love is simple, but if she’s stuck in this strange ‘fantasy world’ with her best friend still attracted to another girl, there’s nothing happy about it.

Pulling The Threads

When Jenna Sander's mom dies, it's hard enough. But, when she finds out that her mom lied to her for her whole life, it crushes her. When lies completely turn her world upside down and make her question her entire existence, is she strong enough to survive it and find out who she truly is?


Luna said...

I'm very intrigued! Can't wait to read this!

Unknown said...

The Guardian Series sounds very interesting :) Looking forward to reading it!