Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Goals

Last week I looked backward and talked about all I accomplished last year, today I want to look to this one and what I hope to accomplish this year.

I looked back at my goals for last year and they were:
  • Finish AWAKENED and PRINCESS AND THE THIEF Done, but now rewriting Awakened
  • Write and query PTT not done only wrote about 20,000 words and then shelved it for other things
  • Try to be more active on my blog, I've been a little slacking lately. wrote 31 blog posts last year opposed to 80 the year before
  • Go to a conference (Which I am in May the LDStorymakers!)  I'm going to my 4th conference in April!!

Did I accomplish what I wanted? About 50%.

Here's my goals for this year:

  • Keep querying PRINCESS and hopefully get an agent.
  • Rewrite AWAKENED to my liking, edit, and query.
  • Be active in my critique group and critique MSs.
  • Finish SECRET CATCH (my collab with the talented Cassie Mae) and publish it in October!!!
  • Try to blog more. :)
  • Read a few more books just for pleasure.

So, this is my to do list, what's on yours? Do you think we'll get it done?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

King Sized Beds and Happy Trails

Congrats to Becca Ann (Cassie Mae) And Tessa Marie (Theresa Paolo) for the release of their book, King Sized Beds and Happy Trails, today!

Lexie Boggs needs out of her house… away from her alcoholic mother and far away from the “white trash” label that’s been smacked across her chest. She’s saved every penny from her multiple jobs so she can dart out of there as soon as she graduates. But there's something else she wants so badly she's willing to spend every dime she has. Her senior class trip and the chance to seduce the senior hottie, Sean Dixon.

Ryan Parker knows how much college means to his best friend, Lexie. He also knows Sean is a player on a search for how many girls he can get in his bed. So instead of letting Lexie drain out her piggy bank, he forks out the dough to get her on the senior ski trip. Not only because she’s his best friend, but because he’s face-planted in love with her.

When Ryan and Lexie get jammed in the same cabin, with one king-sized bed and a whole lot of history, Ryan fights to keep his feelings hidden, while Lexie discovers some of hers.

Amazon: Paperback, e-book 
Barnes and Noble

Have this book on your TBR list? Read anything by Cassie or Theresa yet? Sound like something you want to read?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2013 A Year In Review

I know. I'm a little late with this post. It's the first week of February, all ready the new year and has been for a whole month. But, I've  been feeling like I haven't done anything lately so I thought it would be a good idea to look at all I accomplished last year.

Awakened got a face lift and a few query tries. I sent out about eight queries and I got one full request but they passed and the rest were rejections. Then I pulled it and decided I wasn't quite happy enough with it so it's back on the edit block.

The Princess And The Thief, the collab I wrote with the amazing Kelley Lynn, got polished to a pretty shine. We sent a bunch of queries out and got a revise and resubmit. (WooHoo) We revised it and resubmitted it (just waiting to hear back) and also sent a few more queries out on it.

Pulling The Treads, the NA book I was working on at the beginning of last year got put on hold. I'm about 20,000 words into it.

Secret Catch, The collab I'm writing with the wonderful Cassie Mae, is almost finished!! We started it shortly before NaNo and should finish in in just a few weeks.

One Night, a tentatively titled adult project I started around NaNo also has about 20,000 word into it.

Obviously last year I didn't blog much. I did go to two conferences: LDStorymakers in April and SCBWI in October.

And last but not least, I had my short story, The Best Gift Ever, published in the collection titled The Spirit of Christmas. It included shorts from J.A. Bennett, Kelley Lynn, Cassie Mae, and David Powers King. And all the proceeds went to charity.

Now that I write it all out I did actually accomplish stuff. What about you? Did you have a good year?