Thursday, July 5, 2012

IWSG # 10- Dreams

Sorry, I'm a day late for my post for the Insecure Writer's support group. It's a group started by Alex J. Cavanaugh, so that writers can support each other and not feel so alone with all our writer's insecurities. If you'd like to learn more about this group or see the other blogs that are participating please go HERE.  

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I'd like to say a special thank you to all of you who have made sacrifices for our freedom. Thank you is not nearly enough. I hope all your families are safe.

Last week I went to a concert. The Eli Young Band opened for who I went to see. During their concert, The lead singer started talking about dreams. The dreams that we have, whether it's to be a singer, baseball player, guitar player, or writer. No matter what your dreams are, you have to keep going after them. He wrote this song about following your dreams. If you watch the whole video the ending was very meaningful to me. I hope you like it. It spoke volumes to me.

Writing is my dream. That's why I started this blog. That's why I started my book. It's been my dream to write a novel. I've said before it doesn't matter if I ever get published, I'd love for that to happen, but that's not why I'm writing my book. As I'm getting closer and closer to getting done, I'm getting more and more euphoric. I can't wait to start to edit. I can't wait to start to query. Why? Because I'm living my dream.

Is this your dream? Can you relate to the song? How was your 4th?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Writing because you love to do it is the best reason in the world!

Morgan said...

And it's a wonderful dream! It's so fun... every stage... the writing, the editing, the querying, and the whole process repeated. ;)

And we get to share it with each other which is awesome too. :D

Rena said...

Brilliant! It's so fantastic that you have your dream working for you. Sometimes writing is really hard, and publishing... that's a whole pit of vipers.

I love the song, and yeah, it really resonates with me.

Keep going.

Elise Fallson said...

It is a great dream and you are living it, that is awesome. Not many people get to do that. Love the song too, keep on dreaming.... (:

Michael Pierce said...

Don't settle for anything less than living your dream! Congrats on almost getting to the end of your first draft. It's a surreal feeling holding all those pages in your hand for the first time. :)

DL Hammons said...

I had to run right over to iTunes and get that song!

I'll do everything I can to help you achieve that dream! So why haven't I seen any pages?? :)

Tara Tyler said...

thanks for reminding me that the process is part of the dream!

Julie said...

I love the simple elegance of your message here. It just struck me... I AM living my dream! Whether or not I get published, THIS is the dream. WRITING is the dream. THANK YOU for that beautiful reminder!

Tia Bach said...

It is my dream and my passion. Thanks for reminding me! This was my first month with #IWSG and I'm loving it already!

Kendra503 said...

I love this post! What a great song. <3 The whole process is part of the magic, even if sometimes it just gets so aggravating! We all need reminders of that sometimes.

Nice to meet you through IWSG! I hope it doesn't seem too sudden that I nominated you for an award on my blog... (: >

Mel Chesley said...

It's a good dream and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to get stuff done! Good luck with your writing. I'm a new follower through IWSG. I was a day late as well... shh! I won't tell!
Nice to "meet" you and have a great weekend.

Lexa Cain said...

Your post is so beautiful and reminded me that when I was a teen (many, many years ago) it was my dream to be an author. Like you, I'm now living my dream. How cool is that! :-)

Jessica Salyer said...

Tara- Your welcome. :)

Julie- Thanks. :)

Tia- Thanks. Welcome. It's a great group.

Lexa- Thanks. It's awesome. :)

Kendra503- Thank you. We just have to remember it in the hard times. :)

That's a lot of smiley faces I just made. :)

Aris Whittier said...

to echo everyone else—what a great post. Nothing feels more amazing than when we are not only able to follow our dreams, but actually live them. I had an amazing 4th with friends and family. I too am very grateful for those that protect my freedom. Keep on living your dream!

Mina Burrows said...

Wonderful post. I guess I never thought about it as living a dream only doing what I love. :)