Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is For Omnipotent

For anyone who doesn't know Alex J. Cavanaugh, he's almost omnipotent in the blogging world.
O- Omnipotent: 1. often capitalized : almighty 2. Having virtually unlimited authority or influence. 3. Obsolete : arr

M's sentence was:
Since that time though, I'd been on the run nonstop.
and it was from Alex J. Cavanaugh
Here's our story so far:

 The alpha coefficient was too high; the risk too great. Losing my balance, I plummeted to the darkest recesses of the canyon. I had to release my tenuous grip on the briefcase, so I could pull my chute in my panic; it spilled classified papers all over the floor of the ravine when it exploded on impact. Struggling to free myself from the parachute, I cursed the debacle this mission had become. After finally getting the parachute to release me, I started to ponder over the enigma of where I was.
      It seemed odd to think that only thirty hours ago I had been sitting in a Starbucks having coffee. But then that man with the formidable mustache had sat down next to me. He made me an offer and I'd run through the gamut of usual excuses, but to no avail. And actually, I couldn't pull off the hypocrisy of not wanting a million bucks. But I played it casual and said, "How ironic, you of all people would need my help.
     The safety of that coffee shop juxtaposed with the danger I was in now. 
     "Ironic? No. You and I are practically kindred spirits and you need the money," he said, placing a briefcase on the table. I had to admit that he was right; and after all, money had been the first real love of my life. Until that monumental moment when I was forced to weigh what was really important. Since that time though, I'd been on the run nonstop.

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In order to make this challenge work I need your sentences, so please stop by tomorrow and put in your entries. I hope everyone challenge is going great!


Nick Wilford said...

"Always with the fear that some omnipotent being was watching me."

Is there anyone who doesn't know Alex?! BTW, omnipotent was my word today, too. Well, omnipotence, but nearly there. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, I resemble that!
Thanks for selecting my sentence.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

I couldn't be too bitter though; I felt like some omnipotent force was guiding my actions, leading me the way - I just wished it would be revealed sooner.


M.J. Fifield said...

I really like Nick and Jaycee's sentences. They went in the same direction I thought of.

This is a very cool A to Z theme.

Cassie Mae said...

had to say, I'm following along, but get major writer's block when I go to comment, lol. I liked Alex's line yesterday too. :)

Elise Fallson said...

I see you have some omnipotent sentences above (: Love how the story is coming along! I'll try to play tomorrow, my brain is mush right now.

Em-Musing said...

He, he... I see my sentence in there. This is a cool concept.

Lauren S. said...

I realized that this moment, up in the air, hanging from my parachute, was one of the only peaceful moments I'd experienced since the mission began. It seemed almost as if some omnipotent being was bestowing mercy on me before I had to return to the ground and face the trouble I was in.

Chuck said...

Glad I didn't try that one, Alex had the great line this time!

Melissa Sugar said...

I like what you are doing with the challenge. I wish I had been reading your post from the beginning (but I've been trying to make the rounds to blogs I've never visited ) and I feel too in the dark to attempt to participate. I am off to read your post explaining your word prompt play along and hopefully I can play tomorrow with your P word.

Fairview said...

The man with the formidable mustache probably thought he was omnipotent but he was in for a big surprise.

I kinda like Nick's sentence though