Monday, April 16, 2012

N is For Nonstop

This challenge has everyone going nonstop.

N- Nonstop: Done, made, or held without a stop : not easing or letting up.

Our sentence from yesterday was from Jaycee DeLorenzo and is:

Until that monumental moment when I was forced to weigh what was really important.

Here's our story:

The alpha coefficient was too high; the risk too great. Losing my balance, I plummeted to the darkest recesses of the canyon. I had to release my tenuous grip on the briefcase, so I could pull my chute in my panic; it spilled classified papers all over the floor of the ravine when it exploded on impact. Struggling to free myself from the parachute, I cursed the debacle this mission had become. After finally getting the parachute to release me, I started to ponder over the enigma of where I was.
      It seemed odd to think that only thirty hours ago I had been sitting in a Starbucks having coffee. But then that man with the formidable mustache had sat down next to me. He made me an offer and I'd run through the gamut of usual excuses, but to no avail. And actually, I couldn't pull off the hypocrisy of not wanting a million bucks. But I played it casual and said, "How ironic, you of all people would need my help.
     The safety of that coffee shop juxtaposed with the danger I was in now. 
     "Ironic? No. You and I are practically kindred spirits and you need the money," he said, placing a briefcase on the table. I had to admit that he was right; and after all, money had been the first real love of my life. Until that monumental moment when I was forced to weigh what was really important.

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Help! In order to make this challenge work I need your sentences, so please make sure to stop by tomorrow and put in your entries. What do you think of the story so far? Happy Monday I hope that you have a great week.


Elise Fallson said...

"One condition," I said, "you call off your gard dogs that have been trailing me nonstop since our last assignment."

elizabeth seckman said...

Loving the story. I feel like I'm at camp!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Whoo-hooo! Mine was picked. Doing happy dance!

Hart Johnson said...

Okay... so we do a sentence that would come next that uses non-stop... am I getting it?

My epiphany had come with a non-stop headache that the doctor suggested might be a result of watching the stock-market rise and fall from the time it opened in Japan until it closed every night in New York.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since that time though, I'd been on the run nonstop.

Morgan said...

Loving it. It's coming along nicely. I love checking in on this! Seriously SO fun, Jessica :D

Nick Wilford said...

Monumental moment - I like that, rolls off the tongue.

Jenny S. Morris said...


Chuck said...

Okay so hers was better than mine...congrats Jaycee!