Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is For Juxtapose

If you juxtapose all the sentences together, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with one that will go great with the rest of the story.

J- Juxtapose- to place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

Our sentence from yesterday comes from Elise Fallson and it was:

But I played it casual and said, "How ironic, you of all people would need my help."
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Here's our story so far:

     The alpha coefficient was too high; the risk too great. Losing my balance, I plummeted to the darkest recesses of the canyon. I had to release my tenuous grip on the briefcase, so I could pull my chute in my panic; it spilled classified papers all over the floor of the ravine when it exploded on impact. Struggling to free myself from the parachute, I cursed the debacle this mission had become. After finally getting the parachute to release me, I started to ponder over the enigma of where I was.
      It seemed odd to think that only thirty hours ago I had been sitting in a Starbucks having coffee. But then that man with the formidable mustache had sat down next to me. He made me an offer and I'd run through the gamut of usual excuses, but to no avail. And actually, I couldn't pull off the hypocrisy of not wanting a million bucks. But I played it casual and said, "How ironic, you of all people would need my help."

If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by. Here's what we are doing... I give you a word, you give me a sentence containing that word to add on to our story. If you would like more of an explanation, please read this POST.
Thank you for stopping by today and be sure to come by tomorrow and add your sentence to the story.

Also I added a special bonus post today! An interview with Jessica Therrien, so please read it, if you get a chance. It's right after this post.


Nick Wilford said...

Exciting stuff! Well played.

And how synchronous (?), two Jessicas for today's letter. I'll check out the interview.

BTW, is it me, or are comments slow today? People getting burned out? Come on everyone!

elizabeth seckman said...

I think I've been using that word wrong for my whole life...thanks for the education!

Morgan said...

Go Elise! Glad to see her contribution added to the brilliance ;)

Jessica Stank said...

Hi Jess! I wnated you to know that I have awarded you the Lucky 7 Meme blog award! You can see the post at

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, my brain has left me for the day...

Fairview said...

I think I've been using the word wrong all my life as well. And yikes, nobody's come up with a sentence yet?
Here's mine:

In theory, if I juxtaposed the angle of the cliff's shadow with the sinking sun, I would be able to figure out which way was west.

DL Hammons said...

Everything I come up with sounds stupid! That is a very hard word to pull off! :)

Brooke R. Busse said...

The safety of that coffee shop juxtaposed with the danger I was in now.

Jessica Salyer said...

Thanks Jessica!