Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year In Review

It's that time, time to look back upon the past year and contemplate all the things that have transpired. Today is the last day of 2011 (and my Grandfather's birthday!  Happy Birthday Pappy!). Whether you're glad or sad, tomorrow is a new year.

This has been a year of firsts for me in a writing sense. I started my first book. Wrote my first words. Finished my first chapter (and a few more). Started a blog. Wrote eighteen posts on that blog! Met a loving community of fellow blogger/authors. All encompassing these things... I took the first big steps in fulfilling a dream of mine that I've always had. This has given me a great sense of accomplishment. It has been one of the most scary, yet fulfilling things I have ever done for myself.

Writing aside, it's been a great year. My husband and kids have all been healthy. I think I may have finally found something that is working on my migraines (knock on wood). I still have my job that most days I love to go to and also reminds me, on an almost daily basis, how truly lucky I am. I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends.

How was your year? Are you glad it's over or sad to see it pass? Did you have anything really great happen this year?

I wish you a very Happy New Year!! Stay safe.

~Coming Monday- Looking to the New Year


mish said...

What an amazing achievement, Jessica! Well done!

This year I started my "proper" writing and my blog... phew! What a frightening thought - to expose your writing to the outside world! But the online writing community is fabulous and supportive!
Hope you have a great New Year!
See you around in 2012...

Suzie F. said...

Congratulations on all of your "first." May the New Year bring you more writing successes!

Anonymous said...

Walt Disney said: 'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them'. For me, it is the journey which is important. Success or otherwise can sometimes become the focus of our efforts - when the real joy and meaning can often be found in our simple pursuits of happiness. May you find plenty of this in 2012.

Patsy said...

Happy New Year, Jessica.