Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Better Late Than Never... Right?

I feel really bad. I promised myself if I was going to join a "group" or blog hop that I would be sure to do what was expected of me, or not sign up at all. Unfortunately, I was in bed for three days last week with a bad migraine and for anyone who's experienced one, there's no thinking when you have one.  So, I did not get my Insecure Writer's Support Group blog out last week. So, I decided to do it a week late. Thus, better late than never, right?

One thing that I've realized since I've started writing is, it's a roller coaster ride. One week I am feeling really good and confident and the next, who am I fooling, I'm no writer. The good feelings happen to correlate when I'm writing, when I have time and I am making headway on my WIP. The bad and insecure feelings come when I don't have time to write. The longer it is that I've written, the worse I feel. 
 The more I start to doubt myself and the harder it is to start again.

Right now I feeling pretty insecure. I have no time to write (obviously if I couldn't even get my blog done last week) and it makes me sad. It makes me doubt. It makes me question. I begin to think maybe I can't finish my book after all. The little naysayer voice is back again, whispering her doubts in my ear, that bitch.

What do I do? Keep moving. Hope that soon I'll have more time to write. Find a voice to drown out the naysayer's. Find a champion. Find a cheerleader. Have faith in myself that I CAN do this. Most importantly, just write.


Suzie F. said...

I could have written this post, Jessica. Try not to be so hard on yourself when you can't write. Sometimes family, friends, jobs, etc. have to come first. And you need to take care of yourself, too. Hang in there and know that you're not alone. We all go through the highs and lows of this crazy writing obsession we share.

Sarah Pearson said...

You can do it. You are already giving yourself the best advice ever, which I will second. Just write. Something, even if it's not what you think you 'should' be writing.

Hope you're feeling better.

DL Hammons said...

I hear you. We hear you! Heck...we ARE you (minus the migraines). Sometimes momentum is all we have and that's enough! Speed doesn't matter...only the direction! :)

See you at the Deja Vu Blogfest Friday?

mish said...

There's no magic formula. Just write! That's all you can do! Even when the going gets tough!

Writer J said...

It's frustrating not being able to write! But just know that we've all been through it.

Try taking a little break, stepping away and not thinking about it. Write any ideas on paper, no matter how random they might be, and see what you come up with, but don't force the writing. It usually helps the writer's block.

Lydia Kang said...

You CAN do this. You can. Every now and then (maybe after the craziness of the holidays) carve out some time for yourself, dedicated to writing and nothing else. It may not happen overnight, but as long as you have the passion in your belly, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I've felt this feeling so many times before. Right now I'm in the confident phase. I just keep thinking...so many people have become published authors, why can't I? Why would I be any worse than they are? And you got it right - the ONLY way to achieve your dream is to keep writing, always. Definitely make some time for it. When you make headway on your WIP, it can do wonders to boost your morale. Good luck!!!

Aris Whittier said...

Most writers write in spurts…when they are either moved, inspired, or they have time. On goods days I can write 15 pages…the words and story just flow out of me. On other days I can hardly write a single page...which I have to reluctantly beat out of myself.

I’m a mom of 2 so I totally understand about finding time to write. It WILL happen and you CAN complete your book. What stinks is it just may not happen in the time frame you want… and that too is okay. I agree with Writer J—when you have a moment and an idea just jot it down & come back to it later. I come up with a lot of story ideas while doing the dishes, driving, folding laundry, taking a shower…you get the picture. I have written complete scenes on several napkins at a restaurant (borrowing the waitress's pen!) so squeeze it in whenever you can. You can do it! ;o)