Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Read or Not To Read?

    I have an inner war inside me. I weaver back and forth constantly. To have people read my WIP or not to have people read my WIP, that is my question.

    I have a few people who have been reading it from the beginning. They are close friends who's opinions I value. The only question is... do they give me an honest opinion? (To my friends who read my story... I love you! :) Part of me wants someone who I don't know to read it, then I am sure I will get an honest opinion. Then, I have to look at them, what if they don't like it? Is it they don't like my story because it's bad or do they just not like my type of writing. Besides, why am I worrying about it now, I'm only about half way done. Part of me says, "You should have someone read it to see how it flows, in case you have to change anything." Then the other part says, "Don't have anyone else read it till you're done." Can you see my dilemma?

    How do you feel about this? Do you have people you know read it or strangers? Do you have people read your WIP while you're writing it or are you super secret and keep it under lock and key until you're done?


John Abramowitz said...

I tend to think that it's best to only show your work to people you trust in the formative stages -- more to prevent idea theft than anything else.

Is there no one in that group of people you trust who you also believe will give you an honest opinion, whether or not you'll like it?

Robin Weeks said...

For my only completed WIP, I have close writer friends who I bounced ideas off of while I was writing, but I rarely had them read anything before the book was done. I don't need advice on sentence structure until I'm ready for the line edit.

The big exceptions were for the beginning and the ending, because, let's face it, might as well get started on those revisions early. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am just popping by to say "hello" from alex's PIF Bloghop. It's taken me a while to get here as there are so many, so I am trying to do a few at a time. Awesome blog. And great to connect with all you great fellow bloggers.
Eve :)

Green Monkey said...

YES! I can't keep anything to myself. I am posting parts of my memoir now on my blog as I'm taking part in the NANO thing :) lets hope I don't regret it!

DL Hammons said...

You MUST have somebody else read your work if publication is one of your goals! I started off letting my wife, Mother-in-law, and some friends read my work but until you have a semi-stranger read it you'll always have that voice of doubt whispering in your ear. :)

EvilGirlfriend said...

From one nurse writer to another nurse writer, just finish the book. Get your story out of your mind and onto paper!

My sister has a BFA in Creative Writing and a masters in Library Science-the words that come out of her are beautiful, eloquent, and just plain amazing. One problem, she gets stuck on chapter one every time!

Her advice to me has always been to get the story out because it is so difficult for her to move forward. She screams at me if I let people read before I am finished. Plus, if you make people read it over and over again, they start missing things even if they don't realize it.

If you love your characters and your story keep writing! With each word you right, you will become a better writer. I don't even like to call myself a writer, I'm a storyteller. It's too much pressure for me.

Also, once it's done, then let others read it in a writing group. There are also writing workshops you can attend where published authors and editors can help you.

You have one advantage over many people, you are a nurse. If you can make it through nursing school and actually work as a nurse for extended periods of time without pulling out your hair-you can do anything you put your mind to!!! You have more confidence than you know just because of choosing this occupation. ;0)

Get those words out!

Wishing you the best.


EvilGirlfriend said...

Sorry, reread this today with each word you WRITE, not right. This would be why I'm a storyteller!! :0)

Anonymous said...

This is a very good question - and a hard one to answer. I think it depends on you and what you feel like is a good approach for your own writing.

I've had people read my work while I was writing it. This is nice, because it offers instant feedback and you can take their suggestions and incorporate them into the future chapters right away.

But it's also a distraction. The Powers That Be tell you not to edit until you're done with your first draft, and allowing someone to read your WIP is along those lines. You tend to worry so much about what they're saying and what's happening in those previous chapters that you spend less time writing new material.

The bottom line is that I like to wait until I am done before I let someone read my work. But, in the end, you have to do what you think is best for you!

Just my two cents. :)

P.S. I'm still working on that superhero name!