Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I'm Reading #2

  So, last week I went to visit my Grandmother for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see my family. (I love you Grandma!!) Anyway, we have very similar tastes in books, so we swap a lot. While there, I bought the new Nora Roberts book, The Next Always. I was really sad though, when I realized after I was 3 hours away, that I forgot the book at her house...I was 3/4 done. Grandma to the rescue, she read it quickly and sent it to me. It should be here tomorrow. :)

    I love Nora Roberts books. They are the great romance novel, with every once in a while a little supernatural mixed in there. This one is no different (from what I read). It's the first in a trilogy about the Montgomery brothers. This one is about Beckett, he and his brothers are restoring an old inn. Ever since he was fifteen he has had a crush on Clare, but she had always been with someone else. She is back in town now, a widow with three young boys. Sparks fly between them and he finally gets his wish. There are sub plots galore, including a ghost. It's a great easy read. Now, if I could only find out how it end.  :)

     I like to read on my iPhone. So, I am constantly downloading books off of the free top 100 chart, where I ran across this one. Foolish Notions is a great contemporary romance. This book is about a powerful CEO named James. His mom recently got diagnosed with cancer and moved in with him. Trying to find a nurse to take care of her while on chemo, his mom suggests Samantha, his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, he is still heartbroken over her walking out on him a year ago. Samantha is also still broken hearted over walking out on him and the reason she did it. She takes the job as a favor to his mom. Only, living together is harder than either of them bargained on.

    Aris's characters are very likable. Her story immediately drew me in and wouldn't let go. In fact I did something I haven't done in a long time... stayed up late to read the rest of it. You can feel the pain and need that the characters are going through, and go through it right along with them. I really enjoyed this book. If you want to check out this great up and coming writer here is her website .

If you like a great romance novel be sure to check these out! What have you read this week?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Order

A couple months ago I got stuck on a chapter. What happened in this chapter greatly affected how the ending would go. So, of course, it got me thinking about the end. I was thinking so much about it that I ended up writing a little part of the ending. This week, I have found myself thinking a little ahead again (not because I had to, I just couldn't get a particular scene out of my head.) I ended up writing that scene. Which leads me to question...Do you write in order?

    When I envisioned writing a book, I figured you start at point A and go to point B. I assumed that people write from the beginning to the end, now I'm not so sure. Are you the type of person that writes from beginning to end or do you write whatever scene is "speaking loudest" to you at the time?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Reading

     One of my favorite things in the world to do is read. In my lifetime, I cannot imagine all the books I've read. Sometimes it's one a month and sometimes it's one a day. If I had to guess, I'd say it's somewhere in the 10,000 range. (Which doesn't seem like a lot, but when you factor in that I've been reading for about 28 years which equals 10,220 days, that's a lot of books.)

  I read a lot of different genres; romance, chick lit, YA, mystery, historical, paranormal, suspense, for the most part you suggest it, I'll read it. Anything that can transport me to a different place, I'll go. I love a book that can make me laugh out loud, cry so hard my tears blur the page, or get so enthralled I can't turn the pages fast enough. That's what I hope to do for my readers.

So, what have I been reading lately?

The book I finished last week, for my book club, was The Bone House by Brian Freeman. It's a mystery that centers on Mark Bradley and his wife Hillary. They live in a rural Wisconsin area and their quiet life is disrupted when Mark is accused of having an affair with one of his teenage students. Hillary stands by her husband even after he gets fired from his teaching job and they practically get shunned from the town. So when, while on vacation, a teenager from their town turns up dead, Mark is the first person the police look at. Can Hillary believe in her husband again? Did he do it?  Freeman has great storytelling ability. This book kept me intrigued all the way through. I really enjoyed it. I never guessed who did it ether, I wasn't really trying though. ;)

The book I read this week was Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I admit it. I love the series. I started reading them when New Moon was released and had to wait for her to write the last two. I had to refresh my memory for Friday. :) If you have never read the books, I would highly suggest reading them. There is a reason there is so much hype around them. They are good books. They are well written keep you interested all the way through. Rereading Breaking Dawn reminded me how much I enjoyed the series, especially this book. I think it's my favorite. I love the romance between Bella and Edward, the suspense with the Volturi, seeing Bella come into her own as she becomes what she seemingly was always meant to be, and the way we could begin to understand Jacob more by "walking in his shoes" for awhile. This book has everything for romance to suspense to comedy. It's a fitting end for a great series.

So, what are you reading? Have you read these books? Did you like them?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Read or Not To Read?

    I have an inner war inside me. I weaver back and forth constantly. To have people read my WIP or not to have people read my WIP, that is my question.

    I have a few people who have been reading it from the beginning. They are close friends who's opinions I value. The only question is... do they give me an honest opinion? (To my friends who read my story... I love you! :) Part of me wants someone who I don't know to read it, then I am sure I will get an honest opinion. Then, I have to look at them, what if they don't like it? Is it they don't like my story because it's bad or do they just not like my type of writing. Besides, why am I worrying about it now, I'm only about half way done. Part of me says, "You should have someone read it to see how it flows, in case you have to change anything." Then the other part says, "Don't have anyone else read it till you're done." Can you see my dilemma?

    How do you feel about this? Do you have people you know read it or strangers? Do you have people read your WIP while you're writing it or are you super secret and keep it under lock and key until you're done?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IWSG-#3 Self Doubting

    Once again it's that time of the month. Wait, not that time. It's time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. The brilliant idea of Alex J. Cavanaugh. Where we get to express our deep dark fears and insecurities without fear of repercussions. So here is mine...

    Before today, I had written about one chapter in almost three months. Previously, I had been writing about a chapter a week. When you put in a full time job, kids, and a husband, I felt I was doing pretty good. Granted, that was before I added in a biochem class and blogging, which also cut into a big chunk of time. The last three months of barely writing has completely wreaked havoc on my self esteem.

    About a month ago, I was feeling really down. I was struggling with a chapter and majorly self doubting. Then I worked through the chapter I was having trouble with, and bam, feeling good again. This past month I wrote about three sentences. It had me self doubting again. Maybe I'm not good enough to finish my book. Was I just pretending to be someone I wasn't? Where do I get off trying to call myself a writer? I knew my character's were still with me, I could hear their whispers. The less I wrote, the harder it was to sit down and do it. The louder the naysayer voice echoed in my head.

    Until today, today I made myself sit down and write. I had two hours of free time and I was not going to do anything but write, and I did. I wrote over 1,100 words. It flowed beautifully and it felt wonderful. It made me feel like I accomplished something. It told the naysayer voice to shut up and take a hike. I felt vindicated. I was a writer!

    So here I am on top of the world again. Feeling good until the voices start to tell me I can't again. Will I listen? Allow that voice to tell me I'm not good enough or will I push through? Write, when the voices tell me I can't? Will I continue on, even though this voice tells me I cannot? You bet I will.