Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay it Forward

This blog is the idea of Alex J Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish. The whole idea is to introduce three other bloggers that you like. In essence to pay it forward. Great idea guys! So here's mine.

My first pick is Jen Daiker's blog Unedited.   Since I started blogging a couple of months ago Jen has become a friend. She is always there if I have a question and to cheer me up. Her blog is witty and intelligent. If I need a laugh or a pick-me-up it's the first place I head. It's no wonder her blog has over 1600 followers. Be sure to check it out.

The second blogger is AG at Regected Riter. AG has an uncanny way of turning something that could/would bring people down into something hilarious. He turns rejection into a comedy. His writing is absolutely eloquent. So, if you need a good laugh be sure to head over there!

If you want a good blog that has great reviews then I have two for you. Yeah, I know I was only supposed to have one more, but it's my blog I can do what I want. :)
 Jessica O'Neal at The Sexy Little Nerd is a wonderful reviewer. She reviews books and TV. I believe she has also wrote some reviews for
The second blogger is Victorie Blake at Saved By The Book. She reviews mostly books. Her reviews are precise and informative. I have found many books for my must read list here.
Both these ladies are wonderful and super sweet! Please stop by and see their blogs if you get a chance.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surprises in Writing

    Along my journey of writing a novel, I have experienced a few things that have really surprised me. Since this is my first attempt at writing anything more than a short story or report for some class, I have been a little taken aback by certain things. I never before would have thought that these things would have happened. I have been very pleasantly surprised.

   The first thing that has surprised me is my characters. They do things on occasions that I don't expect. I'll be happily writing along and all of sudden stop and think, wow I wouldn't have expected that from you. I expect them to go one way and at the last minute they decide they want to go the other. For example, in my novel, I have a character who is a supporting character. Throughout the whole first part of the story I thought he was going to be interested in my lead character. I wrote the beginning of the story that way, until I was writing a particular scene. In this scene one of the other support characters came up to him and just like that, they were together and he was no longer interested in the main character. I didn't think that they would make up their own minds. I thought that I would be in complete control over all they do and say. Boy, was I wrong.

   Another thing that surprised me is surprises. What do I mean by this? I'll be writing a scene and put something little in, for example a look, smell, or a sentence. At the time it will be completely benign. However, later that little thing will have such a deeper meaning. For example, my main character, Emma, says that her Aunt always smells like summer. I wrote this in my first chapter. When I wrote it I wasn't thinking anything about it. It had no deeper meaning than she smells like summer. However, two chapters later we find out there is a particular reason as to why she smells like summer. It's much deeper than just a smell. When writing that sentence however, I didn't know that. This has happened to me on multiple occasions and each and every time I am completely marveled by it.

   This journey of writing has taken me by surprise in many ways, these are just two that stand out the most. Have you had many surprises? If so please share them with me. I'd love to hear about them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IWSG-#2 Overcoming

    This is my second blog for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, the amazing brainchild of Alex J. Cavanaugh. Here is the link to his blog   At this link you can also find the links to the other blogs participating.

    The last few weeks have been very challenging for me. In addition to all that I do, I also started school back up. (I have been going back to get a higher nursing degree.) So needless to say I'm a little crunched for time. I have been trying to find a way to balance all the things I need to do. Between being a wife, mother, working full time, taking my class, writing my book, and blog; I don't have a lot a free time. I am learning to prioritize and take one day at a time.

    My WIP hasn't been coming along as fast as I would like it to, simply because I don't have enough time to write. That's okay though it will get done. A few weeks ago I was stuck on a chapter and I finally finished it. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Here was this chapter that was fighting me every step of the way. It was battle to see who would win. I mapped it out in my head and fought my way through it. When it was all over we were both a little bruised, but still standing. Two of the people who read my WIP as I write it, said it was the best yet. It also got me fixated on the ending. The things that I had to work through in this chapter directly effected how the story would end. I became so obsessed with the end that I ended up writing some of it. I believe these pages turned out to be the best I have written so far and I am super excited for people to read it. I just have to fill in the rest of the story first.

    By overcoming my block on this chapter I am no longer afraid that I can't do this. I will write this book. It may take me longer than I planned, but I will get it done. The story is inside me screaming to be let out. It so desperately wants to be heard. I'm the voice that it has chosen to tell it to and I will do my best to do it well. I will overcome all the obstacles that get in my way. In the end I will have fulfilled my dream of writing a novel.